What makes a cigar membership in the Cigar Legacies worth your money and time? Well, the quality of your cigars, of course!

When you receive a shipment from us, you can be assured that each cigar has been properly prepared in our 4,000 storage humidor, so no matter if you smoke them immediately or store them in your own humidor, the'll be ready to go.


Is the Apprentice Membership the right choice for me?
The Apprenice program is for novice smokers, Christmas gifts, holiday packages, a good time with your friends, or just to start your collection! We encourage those just starting to enjoy the aromas and flavors of cigars to start as an Apprentice. The price is unbeatable, and the cigars are still top notch.You'll enjoy well known brands such as: Alec Bradley, Rocky Patel, Blanco, and more. 

How are they shipped?
The Apprentice Membership allows you to order a minimum of two (2) months supplies of cigars, shipped right to your door, each month! 

We deliver your cigars in a durable, quality package designed to enhacne your purchase and protect your smokes. Each package comes with a sealable carry bag and an 8 gram, 2-way, Humi-Smart packet to keep your cigars fresh and ready to smoke the moment they arrive.